Saturday, March 10, 2007

D-Now Weekend at FBC Fenton

We have just finished our first session at the D-Now weekend at FBC Fenton. The speaker is Thomas Young and he has been challenging us on the priority of worship and a truthful understanding of the attributes of God.

Please remember us in prayer as we are here this weekend. Specifically, pray that our students would be renewed by the power of the Word of the Lord. Also, pray that if there be any among us that are unbelievers, that they might be converted by the power of the gospel.

Tonight on the way Starbucks (surprise, surprise) I was walking a little behind the rest of the group because I had been checking on a few things at the hotel. As I was crossing the parking lot I noticed a young man in the parking lot of one the restaurants. I stopped to speak to him, he's from Mexico...again...are you surprised that I would speak to him? I explained to him about our Bible Study and invited him to come. Another great thing is he is off on Tuesdays. Please pray that the Lord might open the door for us to share the gospel with him. His name is Mauricio.

In all things...Christ preeminent!


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