Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Prayer requests for tonight

If you are keeping up with this ministry, you already know that we are having a worship service/Bible Study in Spanish on Tuesday nights at Rockport Baptist. I appreciate everyone praying over this. We are getting ready for our 6th meeting and I want you all to be aware of some prayer requests. May Christ be honored and may He build His church!
  • Daniel Hernandez and his congregation and family as he is busier now that he is teaching and leading this group.
  • Elias, Bauricio, Ingrid, and other other who have stated that they will be attending for the first time this evening. This is exciting to see the Lord open many doors!
  • Mauricio, a young man that I met a couple of weeks ago and Daniel followed up with last night.
  • Pray that there would be a rock solid foundation in the truth as this group forms.
  • Pray for the necessary finances for materials, storage areas for materials, etc.
  • I know that I haven't mentioned this lately, but please pray for me as I am working on the Spanish language and really need to make a more concentrated effort at learning this. There has been great progress, but there must be more. It is really my desire to return to Mexico for at least a few days before our trip in June. I have found that being around others who do not speak English is really the best way to learn!

Within 24 hours I will post and update on any new information!

In all things...Christ Preeminent!

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