Saturday, March 3, 2007

Update on D-Now in Troy, Illinois

Recap on What's Happened...
I would like to give everyone an update on how things are going here in Troy. Scott opened last night with a powerful message on Romans 12:1-2 discussing the fact that we are all worshipers. He challenged us to think about what is the object of our worship.

This morning Bob brought a message challenging us on the other part of that verse about conforming or being transformed. A special note to this was the fact that the Lord impressed upon Bob to specifically mention how wrong it is for the non-Christian to be conformed to the "church" since this brings an outward appearance of righteousness, but really only makes someone twice the child of hell.

Prayer Requests
Please pray for Scott as he is preparing for the upcoming message tonight...actually in about an hour from now. There will be a great concert with the worship band. Anyone is welcome to join us here for the concert tonight from 7:00p - 10:00p @ Bethel Baptist Church in Troy, Illinois.

Please remember us as we have met a young man named Derek at a restaurant last night. He was able to take us to find Starbucks today and we are praying that he would be willing to come with us tomorrow morning for the service. Please pray that the Lord will open the opportunity for us to share the gospel with him. I am going with some of the college students here to see him tonight at work (surprise, surprise...I'm going where there is food!).

Pray also that Scott and I might be able to speak with great boldness tomorrow for the final sessions.

Hopefully I'll have some more updates later and perhaps some pictures from here in Illinois.

In Christ,


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