Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Update on Worship Service in Spanish

There were 4 in attendance and Daniel brought a message from 2 Timothy 4 on the authority of the Scripture. This came after a time of singing praises to the Lord with Daniel on the guitar and Armando on the keyboard. Armando is learning how to play the songs and is learning how to read the "chord progressions" in English. He is very excited about learning this because he really does foresee a future with him in leading music.

Included in tonight's service was a repeating of the memory verse challenge as well as a charge to memory three scriptures by next week. This has been a great encouragement!!!

Armando has a cousin that recently came here to St. Louis, and he is going to be attending with us next week. Armando also took a Bible home to him. The Lord really seems to be opening doors here with this family so please continue to pray for them. Pray also for Armando's health because he has been sick now for almost 3 weeks.

Prayer Requests
  • Pray for Daniel as he is teaching, leading, and organizing this service as well as Pastoring his own congregation. Pray for his wife and children as they are adjusting to him being more busy.
  • Pray for me that the Lord will sustain me and my wife. Times are really busy..we know that with the baby coming, they are not going to get any slower.
  • Pray that the Lord would grow his church. We desire to see a Christ-exalting Spanish-speaking congregation started. It is our hope that the Lord will use this Tuesday Night service to do just that!
  • Pray that I might continue to brush up on my Spanish-speaking skills that in the future the Lord might use me more and more in this area.
  • There was a Hispanic family that we met at Culver's after the study. They were very open to me discussing with them about the service. I left them the contact information and encouraged them to join us.
  • Pray for Elias (a new guy that I have been getting to know over the past several weeks). He is planning on coming with me next week, I believe that he does not know the Lord. Also, pray for Eric, a contact that Daniel made. He is also interested in attending next week.
  • We have two other leads, a man named Mauricio and a woman named Ingrid. She has children and has at least expressed some interest.
  • Pray that financial support will continue to come in for this ministry. Right now the Jefferson Baptist Association is matching everything that Rockport donates. Currently this is approximately $100.00/month. I would like to see that eventually see that go to $250.00/month as this will help provide for more supplies and outreach type materials.


laura adams said...

What are the memory verses? En espanol, por favor. laura adams

Aaron said...

Sure, If anyone is interested in these, please visit: