Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Update on Worship Service In Spanish

We had a new person attend the service this evening. A lady (Ingrid) and her young daughter attended and enjoyed being here! Praise the Lord! They both really enjoyed coming and are looking forward to returning the next week! Thank you Kristi and Robby for picking them up! Thank you Robby for making the brownies!!!

There were five in attendance this evening. The Lord is opening many doors!

Prayer Requests
  • Ingrid and her daughter. I'm sorry I don't have the little girl's name. Her daughter speaks English and we really desire that there might be other kids for her to interact with.
  • Armando, Bauricio, Elias, and Angela as they could not be there this evening.
  • We have been asked if there is anyway that there could be a service on Sundays or if our services temporarily could be translated. Please pray that the Lord's will and His provision!
  • Prospective contacts that we are visiting: Eric, Mauricio, and Antonio.
  • We would desire to have some banners, storage for supplies, and other materials for follow up and teaching.
  • I have been asked to assist in leading worship at the 3rd Anniversary Service at Daniel's Home Church (Centro Cristiano Kingshighway) on April 28-29.

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